Marine Geophysics and Hydroacoustics

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Animated Spheres (click for animation)
Water column of massive spiral methane
Volcanic CO2 gas bubbles leakage (Panarea, Italy)
High resolution grid of Pockmarks in Eckernförder Bay
Ground mine detection using 300kHz EM2040c snippet backscatter, Baltic Sea Kiel.
Perspective view of methane gas blowout, EM710
diurnal twilight layer (Parasound)
Hatoma - submarine volcano (Bathymetry)
individually rising methane gas bubbles (EM2040c - Alkor 447)
first multispectral multibeam backscatter measurements. Significant differences in the detected bathymetry with more than 10 m offset between EM120 (12 kHz) and EM1002 (95 kHz). With analysing the backscatter together with a subbottom profiler we could clearly map out shallow gas in the sediments in 2D. (Schneider von Deimling et al., 2013)
Bathymetry off Panarea, recorded with the mills-cross ELAC Wärtsilä Seabeam 3050 (50 kHz) multibeam echosounder on R/V POSEIDON. Data was processes with MBSystem. Water column images where recorded at the same time showing hundreds of active CO2 gas vent sites.
High resolution, RTK-guided NORBIT multibeam mapping of the lost observatory site in Eckernförde Bay, Boknis Eck. The plot is showing the "train wheels moorings" of 0.8m diameter surrounding the remaining Coastsens tower in the southeast. The observatories themself could not be found during a dedicated survey of this site.