Marine Geophysik und Hydroakustik

Acoustic Image Gallery

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ANIMATED SPHERES (für Animation anklicken)
Water column image of a massive spiral methane seep (blowout 22/4b)
Volcanic CO2 gas bubble leakage detection at Panarea (Italy)
High resolution (0.25m) grid of Eckernförde Bay Pockmarks, Trawl marks have 4cm depth
Ground mine detection using 300kHz EM2040c snippet backscatter, water depth 15m, Baltic Sea, Kiel
Perspective view of methane gas blowout, EM710
Parasound image of diurnal twilight layer
Bathymetric chart of submarine volcano Hatoma, Okinawa through
EM2040c WCI of single gas bubble chains
Multispectral backscatter presentation of the gas-hosted sediments with EM120, EM1002, and Parasound. Backscatter is draped onto bathymetry highly agffected by wrong bottom detection
Bathymetry off Panarea, recorded with ELAC Seabeam 3050 (50 kHz) on R/V POSEIDON