Marine Geophysics and Hydroacoustics


Multi-Sensor-Core-Logger (MSCL) - Physical Properties of Sediment Cores

Characterisation of sediment cores in a very high vertical resolution (cm-cale) is achieved by measuring using a Multi-Sensor-Core logger. It allows a lateral correlation of different sediment cores as well as an integration in seismic data.


We use a Multi-Sensor-Core-Logger (MSCL) of GEOTEK Ltd., UK (Figure). It is a portable device and beside measurements in our labs we can install it oaboard of larger research vessel allowing an in-situ measuremnt of physical properties. Sensors are measuring sound velocity (p-wave), magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity, as well as the core diameter. The device can be used for whole cores as well as opened cores. P-waves are detected by measuring time of a wave throudgh a defined length. Magnetic susceptibility is measured with a ringsensor or point sensor (full or opened cores, respectively). Electric resistivity uses a contactless sensor. Der elektrische Widerstand wird mit Hilfe eines kontaktlosen Sensors gemessen. The result is a continuous curve of different physical parameters over depth.