Marine Geophysics and Hydroacoustics





  • Florian Riefstahl



  • Dr. Wei Li
    Thesis title: (2017) Deep-water sedimentary systems and processes on the continental margin offshore NW Africa, Supervisors: Sebastian Krastel (Uni Kiel), Christian Berndt (Geomar)


  • Dr. Julia Schwab
    Thesis title: (2017) Morphodynamics and Slope Stability of the Andaman Sea Shelf Break (Thailand)


  • Dr. Lili Fu
    Thesis Title: (2015) Fault patterns, fault activity reconstructions and a new source candidate for tsunamis in the Messina Strait, Southern Italy, Supervisors: Sebastian Krastel (Uni Kiel), Jan-Hinrich Behrmann (Geomar)



  • Dr. Xishuang Li