Marine Geophysics and Hydroacoustics

Research Interests

As a marine geoscientist with a background in qualitative and quantitative geophysics, structural geology and geomorphology, I have a diverse set of skills that enables me to explore a wide range of Earth science processes. I am motived by a desire to understand the inextricable links between active tectonics, fluid flow, carbon cycling and seafloor morphology including the investigation of focused fluid flow in marine sediments, crustal faulting, as well as subaqueous landslides. The involved geological processes are often intertwined and shape the morphology of continental slopes, sedimentary basins and volcanic islands but also are often associated with grand challenges for today’s society in the upcoming century.

  • Sub-seafloor fluids including hydrocarbon and submarine freshened water systems
  • Activity and character of offshore fault zones
  • Subaqueous landslides and volcanic flank collapses
  • Quantitative geomorphology and digital geology