Marine Geophysics and Hydroacoustics

Dr. Katja Lindhorst

Scientific Staff, ICDP Koordination

Otto-Hahn-Platz 1, R. 113
Phone: +49 431 880-4699
Telefax: +49 431 880-4432

Research Interests

  • Acquisition, Processing, and Interpretation of 2D Multichannel seismic reflection data
  • Sedimentary and Tectonic Evolution of Ancient  Lake Ohrid and its sister lake Prespa (Macedonia/Albania)
  • Reconstruction of sub-lacustrine volcanic activity in Lake Bolsena using high resolution seismic data sets
  • Mapping and Analysing Mass Movement Deposits (the Grand Banks Event) offshore Newfoundland within the Laurentian Fan
  • Sedimentary processes and Mass Movement Deposits along the Western Australian Margin


since 03/2017 ICDP Germany coordination office


since 02/2013 Postdoc at CAU Kiel, Marine Geophysics and Hydroacoustic


01/2012 - 01/2013 Postdoc at GEOMAR, Kiel (01/11 - 01/12 parental leave)


06/2008 - 12/2011 Ph.D. study at GEOMAR, Kiel


2005 - 05/2008 M.Sc. Marine Geoscience at University of Bremen (01/07 - 06/07 University of California, Santa Cruz)


2002 - 2005 B.Sc. Geoscience at University of Bremen


1999 - 2002 Study of Computer Science at University of Bremen (Vordiplom 2001)



9/2019 Hydroacoustic mapping of Lake Sary-Chelek (Kyrgystan)


5/2019 - 6/2019 M155 (RV Meteor), Pointe-á-Pitre (Gouadeloupe) - Mindelo (Cape Verde), Fogo, the tsunamigenic flank collapse of Fogo volcano, Cape Verde Islands


03/2018-04/2018 M146 HESSE HEnry Seamount Seepage Exploration, Canary Islands


11/2017 Seismic Reflection Survey at Lake Constance, Germany


5/2017 SO257 (RV Sonne), Darwin to Fremantle (Australia), WACHEIO, Western Australian Climate History from Eastern Indian Ocean Sediment Archives, 2D Multichannel Seismic Acquisition and Hydroacoustics


9/2016 MSM58 (RV Merian), Reykjavik (Island) - Pt. Delgada (Azores - Portugal)


2/2016 MSM51/1 - 3/2017 MSM62 (RV Merian), Kiel, LISA (Littorina Stadium Anoxia), Baltic Sea, Sedimentechosounder


9/2015-10/2015 MSM47 (RV Merian), St. John's (Newfoundland) to Pt. Delgada (Azores - Prtugal), Geomorpholgy, processes and geohazards of giant submarine landslides and tsunami generation capacity, as recorded in the sedimentary record of the only historic slide of this kind: the 1929 Grand Banks landslide of the Canadian Atlantic continental margin, 2D Multichannel seismics and hydroacoustics


05/2014 CALAQUAKE-2014 (RV Urania), Ionian Sea, CALabrian Arc subduction complex: active faults, historical earthQUAKEs and turbidites


6/2013 Acquisition of seismic data at Lake Prespa, Macedonia

4/2013 - 6/2013 Participation on ICDP (International Continental Drilling Project) SCOPSCO at Lake Ohrid, Macedonia, Borehole logging, operating seismic source (GI-Gun), Multi Sensor Core Logger (MSCL)

9/2012 Seismic Reflection Survey at Lake Bolsena, Italy

7/2010 Participation on ICDP (International Continental Drilling Project) PALEOVAN at Lake Van, Turkey, Borehole logging, operating seismic source (GI-Gun)

6/2010 SO206 (RV Sonne), continental margin off Costa Rica,
3D/2D Reflection seismic, Sediment echosounder, Bathymetry

9/2009 - 10/2009 Multibeam and sediment echosounder survey at Lake Ohrid (Macedonia/Albania)
chief scientist, BLOSSOM,

5/2009 M78/3a (RV Meteor), Montevideo – Rio del la Plata Geophysics,
Acquisition of 2D multichannel seismic data

6/2008 Pre-Site 2D Multichannel Seismic Survey at Lake Ohrid (Macedonia/Albania) for the Scientific Collaboration On Past Speciation Conditions in Ohrid ( SCOPSCO) drilling project

7/2006 BENGAL SEA LEVEL SO188 (RV Sonne),
student assistant for the multichannel reflection seismic and bathymetric group

2/2006 - 4/2006 ANTXXIII/4 (RV Polarstern),
Reflection Seismics, Hard Rock Geology, Amundsen Sea (Antarctica)
student assistant for reflection seismic group

4/2005 - 5/2005 AISTEK I, SO182 (RV Sonne), Cape Town, South Africa,
student assistant within hydroacoustic group, operating the PARASOUND (sediment echosounder)


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  • Lindhorst, K., Vogel, H. et al. (2010). " Stratigraphic analysis of lake level fluctuations in Lake Ohrid: an integration of high resolution hydro-acoustic data and sediment cores." Biogeosciences 7, 3531-3548.