Marine Geophysics and Hydroacoustics


6/2013 Acquisition of seismic data at Lake Prespa, Macedonia

4/2013 - 6/2013 Participation on ICDP (International Continental Drilling Project) SCOPSCO at Lake Ohrid, Macedonia, Borehole logging, operating seismic source (GI-Gun), Multi Sensor Core Logger (MSCL)

9/2012 Seismic Reflection Survey at Lake Bolsena, Italy

7/2010 Participation on ICDP (International Continental Drilling Project) PALEOVAN at Lake Van, Turkey, Borehole logging, operating seismic source (GI-Gun)

6/2010 SO206 (RV Sonne), continental margin off Costa Rica,
3D/2D Reflection seismic, Sediment echosounder, Bathymetry

9/2009 - 10/2009 Multibeam and sediment echosounder survey at Lake Ohrid (Macedonia/Albania)
chief scientist, BLOSSOM,

5/2009 M78/3a (RV Meteor), Montevideo – Rio del la Plata Geophysics,
Acquisition of 2D multichannel seismic data

6/2008 Pre-Site 2D Multichannel Seismic Survey at Lake Ohrid (Macedonia/Albania) for the Scientific Collaboration On Past Speciation Conditions in Ohrid ( SCOPSCO) drilling project

7/2006 BENGAL SEA LEVEL SO188 (RV Sonne),
student assistant for the multichannel reflection seismic and bathymetric group

2/2006 - 4/2006 ANTXXIII/4 (RV Polarstern),
Reflection Seismics, Hard Rock Geology, Amundsen Sea (Antarctica)
student assistant for reflection seismic group

4/2005 - 5/2005 AISTEK I, SO182 (RV Sonne), Cape Town, South Africa,
student assistant within hydroacoustic group, operating the PARASOUND (sediment echosounder)