Marine Geophysics and Hydroacoustics

Dr. Philipp Held

Scientific Staff

Otto-Hahn-Platz 1, R. 113
Phone: +49 431 880-4699
Telefax: +49 431 880-4432

Research Interests

  • Hydro-acoutics (parametric echosounder, multibeam)
  • Habitat monitoring
  • Surface and internal waves
  • Scientific software developing


  • The generation and breaking of Internal waves on a lutocline in the Ems estuary (Germany), their hydro-acoustic detectability and their contribution to sediment transport dynamics (PhD thesis)
  • Bestimmung der Unterwasser Bodentopographie und der Höhe brechender Wellen aus TerraSAR-X Daten (diploma thesis)


  • RV Maria S. Merian - Nov 2019  (MSM87): Cape Verdean Plateau
  • RV Meteor - March/April 2018 (M146) - Canary islands -Multichannel Seismic
  • RV Klaashahn - Okt 2017 - Bay of Kiel - (Cruise Leader) shallow water bathymetry and habitat detection
  • RV Heincke, HE486 - May 2017 - North Sea - laser based seafloor microtopography
  • RV Poseidon, POS504 - Aug/Sep 2016 - North Sea - blow out
  • RV Littorina, L16-12 & L16-13 - Jul 2016 - Eckernförder Bay and Baltic Sea - (Cruise Leader) natural gas seeps and habitat detection
  • RV Littorina, L15-18 - Okt 2015 - Baltic Sea - (Cruise Leader) habitat detection mehr



  • Klügel, A., K. Bachmann, R. Barrett, H. Büttner, T. Fleischmann, E. Fraile Nuez, P. Held, H. Jähmlich, N. Kaul, L. Kramer, S. Krastel, K. F. Lenz, K. Lindhorst, G. Meinecke, Melcher, A.C., , A. Raeke, J. Renken, H. Rentsch, M. Römer, J. N. Schmidt, U. Spiesecke, N. Stange, A. Strack, H. Villinger and P. Wintersteller (2018). "Meteor Fahrtbericht/Cruise Report M146, Henry Seamount Seepage Exploration (Hesse), Recife (Brazil)-Las Palmas De Gran Canaria (Spain), March 17-April 16, 2018."
  • Philipp Held, Jens Schneider von Deimling: New Feature Classes for Acoustic Habitat Mapping - A Multibeam Echosounder Point Cloud Analysis for Mapping Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) (2019), geosciences,
  • Philipp Held, Kerstin Bartholomä-Schrottke, Alexander Bartholomä: Indications for the transistion of Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities into propagating internal waves in a high turbid estuary and their effect on the stratification stability (2019), Geo-Marine Letters,
  • Tina Kunde, Philipp Held, Jens Schneider von Deimling: Ammunition detection using high frequency multibeam snippet backscatter information (2018), Marine Pollution Bulletin,
  • Mischa Schönke, Peter Feldens, Dennis Wilken, Svenja Papenmeier, Christhoph Heinrich, Jens Schneider von Deimling, Philipp Held, Sebastian Krastel: Impact of Lanice conchilega on seafloor microtopography off the island of Sylt (German Bight, SE North Sea) (2016), Geo-Marine Letters
  • Jens Schneider von Deimling, Philipp Held, Peter Feldens, Dennis Wilken: Effects of using inclined parametric echosounding on sub-bottom acoustic imaging and advances in buried object detection (2015), Geo-Marine Letters,
  • Philipp Held, Philip Kegler, Kerstin Schrottke: Influence of suspended particulate matter on salinity measurements (2014), Continental Shelf Research,
  • Philipp Held, Kerstin Schrottke, Alexander Bartholomä: Generation and evolution of high-frequency internal waves in the Ems-estuary, Germany (2013), Journal of Sea Research,
  • Stephan Brusch, Philipp Held, Susanne Lehner, Wolfgang Rosenthal, Andrej Pleschachevsky: Underwater Bottom-Topography in coastal areas from TerraSAR-X data (2011), International Journal of Remote Sensing,


  • Jens Schneider v. Deimling, Peter Feldens, Philipp Held, Florian Gausepohl, Pawel Pocwiardowski, Katja Kuhwald, Felix Gross: ECOMAP - Baltic Sea environmental assessments by innovative opto-acoustic remote sensing, mapping and monitoring (2019), EGU General Assembly 2019
  • Philipp Held, Florian Gausepohl, Florian Weinberger, Pawel Pocwiardowski, Peter Feldens, Felix Gross, Dennis Wilken, Jens Schneider von Deimling: ECOMAP - Baltic Sea environmental assessments by innovative opto-acoustic remote sensing, mapping and monitoring (2018), GeoHab 2018 Marine Geological & Biological Habitat Mapping
  • Philipp Held, Jens Schneider v. Deimling, Peter Feldens, Dennis Wilken: New method for detection and monitoring of subsea power cables (2016), EGU General Assembly 2016
  • Philipp Held, Kerstin Schrottke: On the dynamics of Internal Waves in the Ems-Estuary (Germany) (2011), 2nd Young Scientist EXCELLENCE CLUSTER CONFERENCE on Marine and Climate Research, 4-5 Oct. 2011 Bremen, Germany


since 2016 PostDoc in the Marine Geophysics and Hydroacoustics Group, Kiel University

02/2014 – 08/2016 PostDoc at GEOMAR, Dynamic of the Ocean Floor

03/2010 – 02/2014 Ph.D funded by the Cluster of Excellence „The Future Ocean", Kiel University
07/2008 – 07/2009 Diploma-Thesis at German Aerospace Center (DLR)

09/2003 – 07/2009 Diploma in Physics at Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich

09/2002 – 07/2003 Intermediate Diploma in Engineering Physics at  Munich University of Applied Sciences