Marine Geophysics and Hydroacoustics

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Krastel

Head of Research Group

Otto-Hahn-Platz 1, R. 110
Phone: +49 431 880-3914
Telefax: +49 431 880-4432

Professor for Marine Geophysics and Hydroacoustics

Coordinator of the SPP106 The priority program "International Continental Drilling Program" (ICDP)

Research Interests

  • Submarine hazards
  • Slope stabilities and submarine landslides
  • Sediment processes along continental margins
  • Evolution of lakes
  • Evolution of submarine volcanos



since 10/2012 Professor for ‘Marine Geophysics and Hydroacoustics’ Kiel University

03/2008 - 09/2012 Professor for ‘Submarine Hazards at Continental Margins’ GEOMAR, Kiel University

2007 - 2008 ‘Akademischer Rat’ at the ‘Marine Technology/ Environmental Research’ Group of the Department of Geosciences, Bremen Uni

2001 - 2006 ‘Wissenschaftlicher Assistent’ at the ‘Marine Technology/ Environmental Research’ Group of the Department of Geosciences, Bremen Uni

1999 - 2000 Post-Doc at GEOMAR Research Center, Kiel, Germany. Project: ‘Volcanic and geodynamic evolution of the Canary Archipelago and adjacent seamounts’.



12/1999 Ph.D. in earthsciences. Title of thesis: 'Growth processes and destructive events during the evolution of volcanic islands: a case study from the Canary Islands'.

1995 - 1999 Ph.D.-student at the graduate school 'Dynamics of Global Cycles', GEOMAR Research Center, Kiel, Germany

06/1995 MSc (Diplom Geophysiker)

1988 - 1995 Study of Geophysics at Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, Germany

Expert Activities

  • More than 40 research cruises and expeditions on lakes (several as chief scientists)
  • PI of two scientific drilling projects
  • Member of the IODP Scientific Technology Panel and Site characterization panel
  • Several research stays at foreign universities
  • Teaching since 2001
  • Reviews for scientific journals and projects
  • Convener and presenter at International Meetings
  • Public outreach activities (exhibitions, talks, kids university ect.)

List of Publications


  • Riedinger, N., Brunner, B., Krastel, S., Arnold, G.L., Wehrmann. L.M., Formolo, M.J., Beck, A., Bates, S.M., Henkel, S., Kasten, S., Lyons, T.W. (2017) Sulfur cycling in an iron oxide-dominated, dynamic marine depositional system: The Argentine continental margin. Frontiers in Earth Science, 5:33, doi: 10.3389/feart.2017.00033
  • Wagner, B., et al. (2017) The environmental and evolutionary history of Lake Ohrid (FYROM/Albania): interim results from the SCOPSCO deep drilling project. Biogeosciences, 14, 2033–2054, doi:10.5194/bg-14-2033-2017
  • Fu, L, Heidarzadeh, M., Cukur, D., Chiocci, F., Ridente, D., Gross, F., Bialas, J., Krastel, S. (2017) Tsunamigenic potential of a newly-discovered active fault zone in the outer Messina Strait, Southern Italy. Geophysical Research
  • Gutscher, M.A., Kopp, H., Krastel, S., Bohrmann, G., Thierry, Garlan, T., Zaragosi, S., Klaucke, I., Wintersteller, P., Loubrieu, B., Faou, Y.L., San Pedro, L., Dominguez, S., Rovere, M., Mercier de Lepinay, B., Ranero, C., Sallares, V. (2017) Active tectonics of the Calabrian subduction revealed by new multi-beam bathymetric data and high-resolution seismic profiles in the Ionian Sea (Central Mediterranean) Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 46, 61-72.
  • Cukur, D., Krastel, S., Tomonaga, Y., Schmincke, H.-U., Sumita, M., Meydan, F.A., Çağatay, N., Toker, M., Kim, S.-P., Horozal, S. (2017) Structural characteristics of the Lake Van Basin, eastern Turkey, from high-resolution seismic reflection profiles: geologic and tectonic implications. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 106, 239-253, DOI 10.1007/s00531-016-1312-5 more


  • Lamarche, G., Mountjoy, J., Bull, S., Hubble, T., Krastel, S., Lane, E., Micallef, A., Moscardelli, L., Mueller, C., Pecher, I., Woelz, S. (2016) Submarine mass movements and their consequences. 7th International Symposium. Advances in Natural and Technological Research, 41, pp 621.
  • Krastel, S., Behmann, J.-H., Völker, D., Stipp, M., Berndt, C., Urgeles, R., Chaytor, J., Huhn, K., Strasser, M., Harbitz, C.B. (2014) Submarine mass movements and their consequences. 6th International Symposium. Advances in Natural and Technological Research, 37, pp 683.
  • Balzereit, F.; Blume, B.; Knickmeier, K.; Krastel, S.; Visbeck, M. Abenteuer Weltmeere, Cornelsen Verlag, Hrsg: Dietrich, V.; Kleesattel, W.  pp 64, ISBN: 978-3-06-010828-2

Selected Reports

  • Krastel, S. (2016) RV POSEIDON-CRUISE POS496, Malaga – Catania, 24.03.2016 - 04.04.2016, Short Cruise Report: MAGOMET - Offshore flank movement of Mount Etna and associated landslide hazard in the Ionian Sea (Mediterranean Sea) . Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Institute of Geosciences, 8 pp. DOI 10.3289/SCR_POS_496.
  • Krastel, S. (2015) Interaction of large landslides and canyons off NW-Africa. Briand, F. (ed), Submarine canyon dynamics in the Mediterranean and tributary seas - An integrated geological, oceanographic and biological perspective. CIESM Monograph 47, CIESM Publisher, Monaco, 59-69
  • Ceramicola S., Amaro T., Amblas D., Çağatay N., Carniel S., Chiocci F.L., Fabri M.C., Gamberi F., Harris P., Lo Iacono C., Jipa D., Kontoyiannis H., Krastel S., Mascle J., Puig P., Vázquez J.T. and F. Briand (2015) Submarine canyon dynamics - Executive Summary. pp. 7 - 20 In CIESM Monograph 47 [F. Briand ed.] Submarine canyon dynamics in the Mediterranean and tributary seas - An integrated geological, oceanographic and biological perspective, 232 p. CIESM Publisher, Monaco. more